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Chris Heward, Doctor of Biological Sciences, founded Kronos in 1998 as a company at the intersection of biomedicine and business. Later their laboratory started to claim leadership in research into slowing the aging process and in disease prevention amongst the world's most famous companies. Chris Heward was a famous scientist, recognized by medical universities worldwide. He published lot of scientific articles and books. Unfortunately, the company was forced to close the its pharmaceutical network after the death of their ideological mentor and founder. Kronos is an innovative center with a strong development perspective, which has temporarily lost its position.

Richard Watford decided to buy Kronos realizing the company important value for all humanity. World trends show that a combination of skillful marketing and medicine can result in the prosperity of almost any company. Kronos has both the latest developments in the field of laboratory research as well as a sustainable financial outlook, especially due to the recent developments in the world. Giant corporations are successfully investing in new developments in the field of medicine and are predicting a significant future rise in this area.

Kronos has all of the components for prosperity: A strong background and theoretical base, experience in promotional services and innovative research strategies. Richard Watford acquired the rights to the Kronos trademark, and the company as a whole. Active financing has already started as the earnings prospects for the current company are really great. Watford is confident he will manage to significantly multiply Kronos's profits soon.